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Frequently Asked Questions

· How long will it take?

Normally it takes 14 to 21 business days. Faster service is accessible; just let us know your deadline.

· What about blank, black, clear, or dark sections of film?
We will edit out any blank, black or clear footage from your film if it's noticeable. If you have dark film, we can lighten it, usually with pleasing results.

· Some of our film is out of focus and we have some sections with very shaky camera-work. Can you help out in this area?
It is our policy to transfer all exposed footage including shaky camera work and out of focus film. We have found that our customers still enjoy their film even under these circumstances.

· Will we get our old film back?
Yes. Following the transfer, you receive your original home movies back intact.

· What about music or sound on film?
We include (at no extra charge) background music. It is our own copyrighted score of music, specifically composed for home movie transfers. If your original sound was recorded on film, we will transfer that sound. No music will be recorded in places where you already have sound on film. on film.

· My film is very old and has some breaks in it.
We make every effort to transfer your film no matter what condition it is in. We have transferred movies dating as far back as 1916 and usually have no problem with old film.

· We want to edit our film before it is transferred, but we have no editing materials and our old projector does not work. What can we do?
We will be glad to rent you a projector. If you want to edit out footage, you may either:
1) have the film transferred and then edit on video at our studio (the easiest method).
2) You may physically edit the film by taking out the sections of film which you do not want.

Just cut these sections out and tape together with masking tape. Let us know which reels have masking tape splices on them and we will replace each masking splice with a real cement splice. There is a charge for this service.

· How do we organize our film?
Just bring your film in. We can transfer it in random order or if the film is dated, we can transfer it in chronological order. You may also number your reels or boxes in the order you want it to be transferred.

· Can you put titles on our video?
Yes. Usually before each reel or at the beginning of your transfer.