"OLD is GOLD"We are here to be your memory makers, to end the confusion of saving your old camcorder tapes or reels onto DVD. We are the best value on the market, and our team make it easy. Old Film Transfer will quickly and carefully transfer your VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Digital8 and 8mm tapes to DVD. With the fastest turn around, our specialistis will also convert any old 16mm, 8mm sound reels to digital format (DVD).

Our professionalism and expertise are in converting old media to up-to-date digital format, such as playable DVD or CD. We do the transfers ourselves, to ensure the highest quality and safety for your treasured memories. We offer a free estimate as well as the most up to date information on how to save your memories.

Film Transfer ServiceFILM TRANSFER - Our staff uses high fidelity digital transfer technology to convert your 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm films. You can be assured that our aerial-capture process produces uniform lighting, unmatched clarity, and stunning color depth to keep our promise to you about the quality of our service. Keeping in mind your preference, we ensure that your film is converted to digital video in the form of uncompressed video files and/or a playable DVD disc that is compatible with almost all DVD players. more...
VHS to DVD transferVHS TRANSFER - Our team makes it possible for you to sit back and relax while you relive your old memories on your television sets. Our DVD experts, who are tuned in to your requests, will visually review each of your tapes to eliminate all blank spaces, and enhance the audio and video using sophisticated noise reduction and color enhancement tools. To make the entire video watching experience enjoyable for you, our technicians will create a thumbnail of up to 45 different scene changes on your video so you can go right to the scene that you want to watch with just a click of your remote over one of the thumbnail photos. Just call us and we will make this possible for you. more...

Photo Transfer to DVDPHOTO TRANSFER - Photos, old and new alike, are precious. We can put your digital photos on DVD or CD for you. All you need to do is clean up your hard drive with all those digital photos clogging your valuable space and ship it to us along with your camera’s memory card or CD-ROM. Our agenda is simple: to deliver what you wish for. To ensure this,

*We convert any of your digital photos to “easy to view” DVD
*Watch your photos on your TV as well as the computer
*Convert CD-ROM, Flash Card, and Memory Stick.

If you love music and you want it to be part of your memories, digital photo albums can also be themed and put to music. Call us and give us a chance to enrich your photo sharing experience. more...

AUDIO TRANSFER - Your ultimate satisfaction is music to our ears.  We will do our level best to ensure that you are more than satisfied with our services with regard to transfer of all types of audio tapes (cassettes, DAT or reel-to-reel) to CD and digitizing and transferring to CD audio cassettes, reel-to-reel audio tapes, DAT and vinyl records. We even output the digital files to high quality audio CDs. Be rest assured that our audio transfer services are well-equipped to handle high volume audio archiving projects to archive your valuable audio library of music and/or voice recordings. more...

Color Correction and RestorationCOLOR CORRECTION Color makes our experiences real, fascinating, and ever lasting. The presence of beautiful hues makes the videos more vibrant and polished. Color correction is used to correct colors or make the colors more vibrant. It can be used in any application that needs to adjust the color of the videos. We use the color correction filter to adjust the hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast besides using it to invert the colors and specify a rectangular region of interest. It is amazing what color correction can add to the end product especially when the filter is used during capture for real-time processing, during conversion or during playback to enhance existing media files. We would be honored to take your calls. Please feel free to contact us with your queries. more...

Photo Restoration and Corrections PHOTO RESTORATION - This project is very dear to our hearts, as we know what it means to restore your precious things back to its former glory. Photo restoration requires both time and care, which we have plenty of when it comes to providing you with excellent service. Our talented technicians can repair almost any kind of damage, including cracks, tears, discoloration, water damage, mold spots, and red eye. We even take up compositional issues such as overexposure, underexposure, and backlighting and we correct it to your satisfaction. We are here to help you restore your old memories, to give them shape, to give them back their lost splendor. Hesitate no more, just give us a call. more...

You can trust us to do your job both professionally and quickly, with a caring touch!
We have been in the business of saving memories for many years now, and look forward to helping you save yours! Our equipment is constantly maintained by an in-house engineering staff to ensure both quality of transfer and safety of the materials.

Extra copies of your finished DVD, up to four hours, are only $5.00 each.  Don’t forget your friends and family when ordering.

Your original tape will be returned to you, and tapes and DVDs ship to you with confirmation in a safe bubblemailer!

16mm to DVD, 8mm to DVD, Super8 to DVD, MiniDV to DVD, VHS to DVD,
VHS-C to DVD, Hi8 to DVD, 35mm Slides to DVD, Photo prints to DVD,
Professional Video editing, Digital Photo to DVD, Custom sound beats,
Custom DVD menus, Color Enhancement/Scratch Reduction